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Wall Packs Co. - Reliable lighting at a reliably low price!

At Wall Packs Co. we offer a wide selection of outdoor lighting options for almost any environment. All our fixtures are UL 924 listed for use in the United States and feature simple installation so your outdoor area is effectively lit as soon as possible. All of our wall packs are sold directly from our warehouses, allowing us to offer you the best prices in the industry - guaranteed.

With an extensive knowledge base and complete understanding of all US building codes, our friendly and well-informed service staff is ready to help you any time of the day or night. Please email us or call at Buy Wallpacks Here! to place an order, get help with installation, or inquire about a wall pack.

Wall Packs For Businesses

Wall packs are powerful light fixtures that are installed in outdoor locations of commercial buildings. They use high intensity lamp heads that are energy efficient, durable, and feature low levels of light pollution. The lamps used in our wall packs are capable of producing bright illumination even in harsh environments that contain rain, snow, and sleet. These wall packs feature durable housings that are rated for wet locations thanks a fully sealed and gasketed design.

Wall packs are different from more traditional forms of lighting because they must illuminate a large area while withstanding the elements and other forms of abuse that are commonly experienced in outdoor locations. From vandals attempting to tamper with internal components to flying baseballs in a schoolyard, our wall packs use high quality materials to ensure reliable illumination even in treacherous locations.

Because no two businesses are exactly the same, we have a variety of wall pack options to meet the needs of your unique business. There are vaporproof lights for environments with flammable gas, bollard lights for outdoor accents, and area lights that are perfect for efficiently illuminating large outdoor areas. Most wall packs use an anodized aluminum reflector to for effective lighting with minimal light pollution. All our wall packs comply with Dark Sky Association regulations that prohibits the use of excessive outdoor lighting.

Wall packs help illuminate your building, provide a well lit environment for occupants, and can help make the facility a safer place. Common applications for wall packs include parking lots, around the permitter of an office building, or in large courtyards that require bright illumination. All of our wall packs are easy to install, but it is suggested that a certified electrician is used. This ensures proper installation, wiring, and position of the fixture for maximum illumination.

Our Staff

Our friendly and knowledgeable service staff can answer any question pertaining to wall packs, their installation, or lighting regulations throughout the United States.

If you have any questions, whether it is a specific inquiry about light distribution or a more general question about how a wall pack should be mounted, please email us or call at Call To Buy Wallpacks to speak with a member of our team who is eager to assist you.

High Performance Products

Our wall packs have the unique privilege of being high quality and affordable because these fixtures are manufactured by us and sold to you at prices typically reserved for wholesale buyers. All fixtures are built with top of the line materials to ensure their longevity and reliability. In addition to offering the best products, we also offer the best customer service. Our extensive catalogue of products is complimented by a service staff whose passion is lighting.

We believe that our products and customer service are among the highest in the lighting industry. Once you start talking with our team, you'll begin to see things the way we do.

Unparalleled Value

Often times when products are described as "affordable," one cannot help but think they are also constructed from bargain components that are not built to last. Our wall packs buck this trend by being listed at prices normally reserved for wholesale and built from materials that will last for years to come. All wall packs come with a three year warranty and are UL listed for use in the United States.

Wall Pack Articles

Unbeatable Selection

Form flood lighting to bollard lighting, roadway lighting to security lighting, there is a wall pack that will meet your needs. Bollard lights are streamlined wall packs that are designed to illuminate walkways and steps without overwhelming the environment. Roadway lights, on the other hand, use a die-cast aluminum housing and corrosion-resistant finish for extreme environments. They use borosilicate glass and are resistant to both heat and high levels of abuse. No matter the environment, there is a wall pack that will work. Remember, if you think your building cannot be properly lit, call our service staff so we can figure out a solution specifically tailored to your needs.

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To ask a question or request a quote, please email us or call at Wallpacks Number To Call to speak with a member of our team.

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