Wall Mounted Wall Pack

Wall Mounted Wall Pack

If you have any sort of electrical experience, or if you have installed light fixtures before, than the installation of a wall mounted wall pack should be a cinch for you. If however, you are a complete novice at how to do this and have only ever replaced a light bulb then it would be best to hire a qualified technician to come in to your business or residence and install your new wall pack system.

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Is it DIY or licensed technician to install?

In fact, in the case of a wall pack lighting system for a commercial business it would be better to have a qualified professional do this task instead of taking it on yourself. This is because there are specific lighting codes and regulations that need to be adhered to and unless you are well versed in them and the art of installing lighting fixtures to code; it will save you a lot of time and stress to have someone who knows this do it. Other than that the installation of a new wall mounted wall pack can be a great do-it-yourself project for the weekend.

Replacing the wallpack

There are a few steps involved with installing said wall pack. Mainly it involves disconnecting the ground and other wires from the junction box and removing the fixture, then replacing with the new fixture. You simply need to know what wire is what and in what order to connect them. A do-it-yourself project never ends well when it ends with electrocution. Again if this at all intimidates you don’t attempt it. Get someone who knows what they are doing. Better safe than sorry.

Outdoor location lighting

Wall mounted wall packs are a great choice for indoor and outdoor lighting. They hold fixtures that provide clear, bright, and directed light. They help to minimize the amount of up light produced which will give a better lighted path and visible environment. Whether you are installing these lights for commercial use or residential use they are practical in many aspects. An example being, a business with a lot of pedestrian traffic needs a clear lighted path all around the area for both security reasons and the safety of said traffic.

Security and power saving features

Motion detection wall packs on the outside of residential buildings are a great security measure and can also provide needed light for those in your household who often make it home after dark. Initially these lights can be a bit expensive depending on the type bought but in the long run they will save you quite a bit of money. We all need to cut back on our electric bill and it never hurts a business to cut back on overhead cost. Replacing your pre-existing light system with new wall mounted wall packs is a great way of heading in this direction.

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