Outdoor Wall Packs Lighting

Outdoor Wall Pack Lighting

Industrial parks and commercial buildings have begun making more use of wall pack lighting than any other type of lighting fixture. These fixtures are durable, versatile and are great at limiting the amount of up light produced on the outside of buildings.
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Outdoor location wallpack

This is important to the safety of pedestrian traffic because the more clear, directed light there is on the outside area of the building the safer it is for those working or walking by and around it. Outdoor wall pack lighting works great for security purposes as well, especially if these fixtures have the added benefit of a motion detector/sensor.

Lighting regulations

In fact, there has been a host of change in the lighting code and regulations lately, especially with all of the new bulbs to hit the market. Your lighting system might be outdated, might need repair, and might not meet the industry standard. If you are facing the task of replacing your existing system with a newer one than an outdoor wall pack lighting system is definitely something to consider. An inspector can come in and take a look at the outside of your commercial business. They will check out your pre-existing system and compare it to what industry standards dictate. Let them know if you are interested in an outdoor wall pack lighting system and they can give you a list of options that will work best with your situation.

Installing new wallpacks

They are also a great source for finding a qualified technician to come in and install the new lights for you. This will ensure that everything is up-to-date and to code. The latter is very important because not having it as such can mean penalties and large fines for the company owner. Get a list of names and shop around before choosing a technician. Remember the end choice is your own but, it just never hurts to have some knowledgeable suggestions.

Selecting a wallpack

Outdoor wall pack lighting is a great choice for anyone looking to update their pre-existing light system. One of the biggest reasons is due to the versatility of these fixtures. They work with any bulb and are more often than not interchangeable, except under special circumstances. This means that you have the ability to change your mind on what kind of bulb you are using easily.

It also allows you to repair and replace said bulbs with little to no stress. This can even be done yourself, once the lighting system is installed it is easy to maintain without calling in professional technicians all of the time. Just keep their number on speed dial in case of emergency.

If you need to update your lights then definitely consider installing an outdoor wall pack lighting system. You won’t be disappointed and it will provide you with optimum service for a very long time.

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