Battery Backup Wall Pack

Battery Backup Wall Pack

All businesses require emergency lighting to be installed alongside general lighting. Many companies looking to save on lighting costs have turned to wall packs with battery backup ballasts installed.

During normal operating hours, these exterior lights provide bright, efficient illumination for people to safely walk at night. When power goes out, emergency lights must provide the same exact function, only utilizing internal battery power. Combining the two cuts down your labor costs immensely, and because EM ballasted units typically use low wattage lamps, you will save thousands of dollars on your energy bill over time.


Backup Battery Wallpack

The Underwriter's Laboratories (UL), along with the NFPA 101: Life Safety Code and OSHA all agree that 90 minutes is the minimum amount of time an emergency light should stay lit. This has been agreed upon as a universal window of opportunity for most buildings to be activated.

For this reason, all wallpacks that have the emergency ballast option installed will meet or exceed this 90 minute minimum. All of the wallpacks we sell at have a UL symbol stamped on the unit and the box. If for whatever reason you choose to go with another company, we implore you to make sure your product at least has this stamp.

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Warehousing and Industrial Units

Wallpacks of all types are the luminary of choice for many warehouses and industrial facilities that have high traffic walkways, forklifts and other heavy equipment participating in thier day-to-day activities.

Since many emergency lights are built out of plastic, they can easily be damaged in such tough environments. Wall packs are incredibly sturdy and will not degrade from heat and humidity typical in these non-air conditioned environments.

Lighting With Backup Battery

LED (Light Emitting Diode) - set up in an array, these cool-burning, dot-like bulbs will provide 50,000+ hours of illumination and use less than 5 watts of electricity.

CFL (Compact Fluorescent) - using the same technology as fluorescent light fixtures, these tubular lamps use only 1/5 of the power as equivalent incandescent bulbs and last 15 times longer.

Born in the USA

Besides our wallpack's reputation as energy-saving, environmentally sound units, you'll also be happy to know they're as American as Bruce Springsteen! The reason we assemble and test these units in the USA is simple: when you need to protect your business or home, you'll sleep soundly knowing that they were assembled by honest, fairly paid American workers who have the safety of their countrymen in mind.

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