How Does Title 24 Affect Installation of Metal Halide Outdoor Wallpack Lighting?

Posted by: on Mon, Dec 09, 2019

As time progresses, the want and need for energy conservation continues to gain steam. Case in point, the state of California has recently updated its Title 24 compliance for lighting installation. If you do business or at least have clients in the “Golden State”, it would be imperative to know how Title 24 will have an affect on the installation of Metal Halide outdoor lighting or Wall Packs.

In addition, the updated Title 24 compliance will have less emphasis on the “Full-Cutoff Distribution” and “SemiCutoff” system, which restricts the vertical angle at which the unit’s light intensity, but rather a different one. One in effect, the updated law will require MH wall packs to meet the IESNA TM-15-07 rating that measures the amount of light in unwanted directions.

If you'd like more information on Title 24 and its affect on Wall Pack lighting please read more here!

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