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Metal halide wall pack

A metal halide wall pack is a type of commercial lighting that produces a very bright light without uses an excessive amount of electricity. They are a type of HID lights that are becoming the preferred choice in the majority of commercial environments.


Types of HID lights

HID is an acronym for High Intensity Discharge. The acronym refers to the technology used to create a very bright light from a type of gaseous arc discharge created using a variety of different types of elements. With a metal halide wall pack, the element that is used to create the gases is obviously metal halide. There are also other types of HID lights including one that use high pressure sodium or mercury vapor.

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Why purchase metal halide wallpacks

The reason why metal halide wall packs are being selected as the cost effective source of lighting for those who own businesses is that the light that they produce is comparable to the intensity of daylight. Metal halide light is such an intense white that it is like the sun with the high CRI or color rendering ability.

Drawbacks of using MH wallpacks

However, unlike some High Intensity Discharge lights that can last up to 50,000 hours, lights used in a metal halide wall pack generally only have an average lifespan of 7,500. Many commercial business owners consider this to be the biggest drawback to using metal halide wall packs. And manufacturers have noticed. Some are in the process of working on improvements to these types of lamps to see if a metal halide lamp can be created with a longer life expectancy.

New technology for metal halide lamps

A longer life expectancy means money-savings since the bulbs won’t need to be replaced as frequently. Plus maintenance costs are also reduced for the same reason. Some of the new designs of metal halide wall pack lamps use the innovative pulse start MH technology combined with ceramic in the unique metal halide design. The combination of the two ultimately creates instant start on/off feature and longer lamp life. The newer types of metal halide lamps don’t take as long to produce a glow. Some can also be dimmed. Generally the new designs of metal halide wall pack lamps also have better color rendering abilities.

Local building and fire code regulations

Depending on which state or area you live in, the local legislation may actually insist on the use of the new forms of Metal Halide bulbs used in metal halide wall packs. Some studies show that the older incandescent lighting fails to qualify as green lighting and is one of the reasons for high emission of greenhouse gas because of the incendiary elements that are used in the creation of the bulb.

As always, it is important to make sure you consult with professionals to make sure you’re buying the type of commercial lighting you need for your business. Not all businesses are equal and neither are all commercial lighting choices. While metal halide wall packs are an excellent source of commercial lighting, they are not perfect for every application.

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