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HPS Wall Pack

For the buyer looking for a compact lighting source that are both energy efficient and cost effective, an HPS wall pack is something that can easily fit their needs. High pressure sodium lights are designed to produce well balanced color rendering which is great for those needing a temperature controlled lighting system, such as garden centers and manufacturing warehouses. HPS lights are a great source for outdoor lighting as well, most commonly being used in street lamps and security systems for night security in industrial parks.


Aspects of HPS wall pack

HPS wall packs are long lasting and remain at their brightest- 100 to 150 lumens per watt longer than the average bulb. High pressure sodium lights have been around since the eighties, focusing on a less energy efficient model that is used in restaurants and indoor businesses looking to create a mood with their lighting. These indoor counter parts are more expensive, have a shorter life and a lower light efficiency. Still, HPS lights are popular wherever they are used.

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Wall packs and lights for outdoor

Wall packs as stated are generally designed for outdoor and warehouse use. They are regulated to be installed a certain number of feet from the ground as well as a certain space a part. This depends on where they are being installed, what for, and what type of wall pack is being used. Most often these installation regulations differ by state and it is important to know the specifics before setting out on this lighting project. HPS wall packs aren’t always the best option either. Depending on the environment that the lights will be subjected to will determine what type of bulb and fixture will be needed. There are a variety of other choices besides the HPS wall pack including LED, incandescent and metal halide.

Why get High Pressure Sodium wall packs

Really it totally depends on what the buyer is looking for, what they want out of their lights, and how much they are willing to spend up front and in the future. High pressure sodium lights are not one of the most popular systems amongst employees. There are some complaints that have been associated with these lighting systems. Complaints include difficult visibility when working under these lights such as hurt the eyes to look at. These lights also give off quite a bit of heat which can make the working environment uncomfortable, especially if there is a lot of other equipment and machinery running and there is manual labor involved.

Uses of HPS lights

In these cases the use of an HPS wall pack would probably be of more use as an outside lighting source while one its counter parts can be used as on the inside of the building.
Essentially though, an HPS wall pack is a great lighting source for larger businesses and production companies as well as being great for security systems as well-it will save both time and money. Be sure to research all available options before making a choice and be sure to determine that the HPS light meets the rules of your state.

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