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Wall pack light

Wallpacks are one unit illumination products made from cast aluminum, with the power cables and bulbs as one unit that is easy to mount on walls. They can be used with a canopy which creates a radiant light all around the house or apartment building. The most common designs that individuals can choose from which selecting wall pack light fixtures for their security and illumination requirements include:


Cutoff wall pack light:

For better light diffusion and refraction, this wall pack is available with tempered glass lens that has an aluminum refractor for better distribution of the light. These wall packs are available with a bracket for mounting, threaded NPT within the porcelain socket. Most common areas where there are used include corporate buildings and car lots. Most of these are available in standard bronze and custom colors for the specific requirements.

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Small wall pack light:

These small cased wallpacks are available in 50 watt metal halide bulbs or lamps and the other option are 35 watts to 100 watts high pressure sodium lamps. Most of the areas where these are used include small offices, adjunct lighting and works well as a small security light. These are usually controlled by medium tap ballast that is in-built within the casing.

Mini wall pack light:

With polycarbonate housing, die-cast back plate and glass refractor lens, assembled in compact size, the mini wallpack lights blend in the aesthetics with the functional aspects. Perfectly uniform lighting can be seen when the wallpack is mounted at a height of 5 to 12 feet. Most of these are used in place of incandescent luminaries that were removed during retrofitting.

Medium wall pack light:

The security wallpack light works as a security and illumination fixture with metal halide bulbs of 175 watts or high pressure sodium lamps of 150 watts.

Large wall pack light:

Fitted with 250 to 400 watts high beam lamps, these are the most common wallpacks seem in factories, docks, cargo warehouses and similar large storage areas.

Although there are a variety of quality and grades available, it is best to select a high quality multi-tap ballast fitted wall pack lights to ensure that it is durable and long lasting. It is best to see the quality and size before purchasing any wallpacks. Most contractors understand the fact that commercial wall pack lighting solutions work well in outdoor climate and spaces especially the flood lights. For added security, wall packs can be wired with motion sensors to ensure that the whole area lights up and in areas where there are CCTV systems, it can capture the best image of intruders. This works as a cost effective security system, especially for schools, non-profit organizations, churches and more.

There are numerous websites and stores dealing with wall pack lights and related illumination fixtures that ensure your home, office and property is always lighted within the lowest cost possible.

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