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LED wall pack

During emergency the main requirement is to have a safe lighting that power on without failing while people are being evacuated out of the building. And for the workers in industrial units, warehouses with multiple accesses, it is important to see the bright light pointing towards exits and fire exits to be sure that there is safe access.


Right solution for lighting with LED

Thus, LED wallpack is the right solution for installing in commercial and even residential units. But when you are looking to secure the periphery of a property or just illuminate the outdoors for security reasons, LED wallpacks work well. Additionally, these lights secure the property at low costs due to the biodegradable and high lumens per watt used.

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How LED works?

Basically, these light emitting diodes use silicone crystals that are charged when electric current passes through it. The bright light emitted by the LED is due to the low cost but super efficient lumens/wattage that is provided as a benefit of the wallpack. The LED wallpack has the tiny diodes set in predefined series parallel sequences ensuring a bright beam of directional light which suits most of the requirements.

LED wallpacks for use

Apart from the availability of LED lights as lighting fixtures in assorted shapes, colors and sizes, there are emergency backup wallpacks which have a battery that turns on instantly when direct AC current is discontinued due to fire, power outage, natural calamity or any other reason. Additionally another type of wallpack that is available is the LED wallpacks fully equipped with motion sensors which are activated when any trespassing is detected within the secured area.

Intense or soft light

With variability in the CRI and amount of light produced, the LED wallpacks can illuminate a room with the softest of lights while it can be used in hundreds to light up the complete outdoors for security purposes. But whether you need a soft ambient light or extreme intensive outdoor lighting, LED wallpacks work well.  LED wallpacks eliminate the excessive glare that is produced when there is bright light as the light has not been distributed uniformly. However, the sequence of placement of the LED ensure that direction and intensity of the illumination.

Semi-conductor lights

These lights are semi-conductors that allow the current to pass and result in lighting up the corridors and outdoors with uniformity. The use of clear or frosted glass lens as opposed to prismatic lenses is bets as they ensure that clear white light is refractor that is required for commercial and industrial requirements. As a contractor, if you are looking cost effective means to install eco-friendly lights with the same level of illumination, it is best to select LED wallpacks.

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