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Induction wall packs

Induction wall packs can be a good lighting choice because many can provide an energy savings of 60 to 80 percent and a have a lifespan from between 60,000 to 100,000 hours.

From an investment perspective, this has two benefits. Since the units use significantly less energy, your electricity bill will be much lower. The long lifespan means that you don’t need to pay replacement costs as frequently reducing unit replacement costs as well as the maintenance costs required to hire someone to safely remove and dispose the old lamps, and install the new ones.


Induction wall packs are a lighting choice most often used by businesses. This is because commercial establishments need more light for security and safety than residential establishments.

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There are induction lamps available for residential use. These are often placed on the outside of front or back doors, and look just like a typical front door light. They’re aesthetically pleasing, which can add a lot to the outdoor décor of a home. They usually contain a single bulb. The single bulb is energy efficient and it can last for many hours. These types of induction units do not provide the same level of light as induction wall packs.

Induction wall packs have a decidedly commercial look to them. They look like they should be in a warehouse. Architects and designers are rarely found of the look of these types of security lightings, since they don’t add much to the overall look of a commercial establishment. However, they’re very practical in the level of light they provide and the low costs associated with the level of light provided.

Induction wall packs come in a variety of sizes. They’re typically mounted high on the side of a wall so that their light can be spread over the greatest area possible.

Most manufacturers will suggest that you get the small induction wall packs to meet your needs. Smaller packs don’t take up as much space on exterior walls, don’t require as many lamps and will use less energy.

Standard small induction wall packs work well in parking lots, buildings and for general area lighting. There are a variety of styles, but the style that you will see most often is one with die cast aluminum housing and a hinged front frame. Some may have chromate conversion coatings and aluminum reflectors. It’s common to have a cast-in template for easy mounting over a recessed outlet box of four inches.

Regardless of the size of induction wall packs you determine to meet your needs, many will have a powder-coat finish. There are different types of finishes and some look better than others on different types of commercial building. The textured bronze powder-coat finish is popular and helps the induction wall pack look less industrial.

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