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HID wall packs

HID wall packs are aluminum cased units that contain HID lights. They are often used on the outside of commercial buildings for safety and security. These wall packs also provide such a significant amount of light that they can be used to light up parks, docks and playgrounds.


What are HID wallpacks?

HID is an acronym for high density discharge lamps. These are a specific category of electrical lamp that produces extremely bright light from an electric arc in a tube that is filled with gas or metal salts. Once the electrical arc is started, the heat it generates warms up the gas or metal sorts to such a high temperatures that the salts melt and forms plasma that creates and emits light.

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Lamps within HID wall pack

HID wall packs often hold more than one lamp. Each lamp creates bright light and when two lamps combine to emit a high intensity illumination, they provide a light so bright that it can be as intense as daylight. They utilize less energy than both incandescent and fluorescent lights. To create the same level of light emitted by HID wall packs, more incandescent or fluorescent lights would need to be used thereby using more energy.

Using different lamps

Different commercial establishments have different lighting needs. Most HID wall packs can accommodate the variety of HID lights available. The variety includes mercury vapor lamps, metal halide lamps, ceramic MH lamps, sodium vapor lamps or xenon short-arc lamps.

Each of these types of lamps uses a different type of chemistry that affects the characteristics and the intensity of the light. Different characteristics of light that can be found in HID wall packs include lifespan, correlated color temperature, energy efficiency and color rendering index. Regardless of the type of lamp used in an HID wall pack, the light is created from a well-stabilized arc discharge.

Selecting HID wall packs

If your business chooses HID wall packs with mercury vapor lamps, the light produced is more bluish-green light. This color tint is more pronounced in original mercury vapor lamps; however it is still noticeable in the newer versions of this type of lamp.
HID wall packs that use metal halide lamps, including ceramic metal halide lamps, create a white light that is more neutral and with little to no color tint. On a small scale, these types of lamps are used in aquarium lighting and even vehicle headlamps. When used in an HID wall pack, metal halide lamps help create a normal color appearance which is crucial for television and movie production, as well as lighting sports game arenas for nighttime play or watching.

HID wall packs that contain low pressure sodium vapor lamps provide a deep yellow-orange light which is said to be safe for developing pictures. These don’t get used outside but the wall mounted units with high pressure sodium lights are preferred as they emit a whiter light.

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