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CFL wall pack

CFL wall packs are very different from incandescent ones in that they’re much more energy efficient and provide more light for the level of electricity they use. This is of benefit to both homeowners and business owners who are looking to save money while still providing adequate lighting solutions to all their needs.


How does CFL work?

One of the main aspects that make CFL wall packs different is that they use fluorescent lamps. Incandescent lights generate light by passing a current through a wire. The light that comes from the lamps installed in CFL wall packs is the result of a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction is safely contained within a glass tube. In the phosphor coated tube are minute amounts of mercury as well as an inert gas. The tube has an electrode on each end. These electrodes pass on the electrical current through the tube.

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Once the electrical current enters the tube, it agitates the gas and mercury molecules which cause them to release photons. The light created is ultraviolet which isn’t much use. This is why the tube is coated with phosphor. The phosphor acts as a filter and transforms the invisible light to visible light.

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Benefits of CFL wallpacks

Compact fluorescents also conserve heat more efficiently than incandescent lighting. Incandescent lighting creates a great deal of heat from agitated electrons that is never converted to light. Essentially, incandescent lighting wastes electricity by creating heat that can’t be used for the purpose one uses a light bulb. This heat energy also shortens the length of the lamp life meaning that bulb replacement costs increase.

Are there hazards of using CFL?

Some businesses are concerned about the potential environmental hazard of CFL wall packs because of the mercury content in the fluorescent bulbs. This concern is valid especially where entire large commercial establishments use nothing but fluorescent light. However, the manufacturers and many independent studies show there’s no reason to be worried about the dangers or environmental impact of CFL wall packs. Should a lamp break, there are specific clean-up guidelines that can be followed to ensure safe disposal of the lamps. There is no risk of mercury leaking during day to day use of CFL wall packs.

Improvements in technology

Over the years there have been improvements to the design and efficiency of fluorescent lights, as well as safe disposal methods. Early CFL wall packs used compact fluorescent lamps with magnetic ballasts. These magnetic ballasts have been replaced with the electronic type described earlier in this article. The electronic ballast reduced the flickering and slow start typically associated with fluorescent lights.

CFL wall packs have progressed too now they can accommodate the new types of fluorescent bulbs that simulate a variety of different types of light. Instead of the harsh white light most commonly associated with fluorescent lights, CFL are also available to simulate daylight or to provide a warm soft white glow.

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